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We appreciate your business and would like to make something very clear…

1. What you Bid is what you pay. (Absolutely no hidden fees)
2. No Storage fee. (After you pay, you may keep it here as long as you like) we are holding items for people right now that have been here for years. (Nobody will ever owe us a dime for storing your equipment for as long as you need us too)
3. No “Wiring Fee’s” (I can’t believe somebody would charge you for that anyways, company’s do try all the time)
4. No loading fees (We appreciate your business and are always here to help, free of charge)
5. No any other ridiculous fees that people are trying to charge on AT (We are an experienced company and we will stick to the old ways of doing business)

Accepted payment is (CASH OR WIRE TRANSFER ONLY). No personal/company checks allowed/No credit cards. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

All machinery is sold “As Is/Where Is”. We are very strict on this term, we are open 7days a week.

Buyer is responsible for shipping.



Loadout times are Monday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Please check with us around Holidays to ensure we are open.

We are responsible for loading and shipping for our international clients and any client who wants to pick up the products will get full assistance from our team in loading and any other required services.

Tractor Implements

Tractor Implements are agricultural equipment mounted on a tractor to help farmers in different kinds of farming activities. These are the farming tools provides a lot of ease and efficiency in delivering agricultural farming tasks.

They provide a perfect combination with a tractor for performing different kinds of mechanized tasks and processes useful in agricultural production. A single implement delivers a single task such as cultivation.

For multiple farming operations, there are many different separated machines joined together to perform a huge variety of complex task activities like plowing and harrowing. The single type of implement machine can also be used for versatile farming production activities such as seeding; harvesting, transporting and other livestock animals feed preparation tasks.

Disc Plough for sale

There are a lot of significant advantages while using Disc Plough Implement which is directly mounted to the agricultural tractors. It is ideally used for plowing deep roots in soil infested, sticky, stony, and hard.

Buy Disc Harrow

Off Set, Disc harrow is composed of sharp disc blades to break down soil lumps into small pieces for seed plantation. It is an essential farming implement used for finely mixing the soil for increasing its nutritional ...

Planter Impletents for Sales

No additional labor is required by placing missed seeds in cups in automatic planter. Time and labor saving as compared to traditional method.

Farm Trailer

arm Trailer is an ideal implement used for transporting heavy duty carts and other farm items material to the marketplace.

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